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The Wacky Comedic Stylings of Yours Truly


Stand-Up Comedy

Writing, Presenting Work, Incorporating Feedback

Challenge: I clearly remember the first time I heard Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks do The 2000 Year Old Man. I was in seventh grade, it was a rainy day at my friend Dan's house and since there was nothing else to do, his mom cued it up and changed my life. That act and others like it went on to influence my writing style, but would I ever have the gumption to take a whack at on-stage comedy myself?

Solution: Stop hemming and hawing and take the plunge already. Jeez.

Result: A string of stand-up shows, culminating in a performance before a crowd of 300 at Gotham Comedy Club. (My most successful joke was about shark attacks and dermatology.) And if you want to put a business spin on it, standup taught me not to give an audience homework—advice that's just as applicable to advertising.

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