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A Tight Five

Challenge: I still remember the first time I heard Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks do The 2000 Year Old Man. It changed my life because I never knew comedy could come from erudition. That bit and others like it would go on to influence my writing style, but would I ever have the courage to get up on stage myself?

Solution: Stop hemming and hawing and take the plunge already. (And lose 20 lbs, which I eventually did. Although I kept the fat pants just in case.)

Result: A string of pre-pandemic stand-up shows, culminating in a performance before a crowd of 300 at Gotham Comedy Club. Writing material, working on it with other comedians, and getting laughs from an audience is addictive and I miss it. And if you want to put a business spin on it, my copy got sharper and after dying on stage a couple of times, I now fear no client.