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Mint 400

Challenge: Bring the Mint 400 to an audience that wasn’t necessarily into desert racing or, for that matter, Hunter S. Thompson. It’s worth noting that the two groups definitely didn’t overlap much—if at all.


Solution: Since budget didn’t allow us to hire Johnny Depp and Benicio del Toro, we went with an Instagram influencer, Nate Day, otherwise known as @somedayadventure. Nate and his family get out there for some amazing adventures in a custom-built Ford F-Series on BFG tires when they can, and their aesthetic was exactly what we were looking for. But since the action was unpredictable, that meant I had to call shots on the spot and direct final production at the end of every day off the cuff.


Result: It wasn’t easy, but in the end I directed a really well-engaged with series of photos and videos across both BFGoodrich’s channels as well as Nate’s. We brought the excitement of the Mint 400 and the Nevada desert to a wider audience, expanding the BFG brand’s reach beyond just those who knew a lot about tires. This was action—not just obscure racer terminology—and we brought it to an audience that was otherwise outside this circle.

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