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Mint 400


Challenge: Despite the Hunter S. Thompson connection, the Mint 400 isn't a widely known motorsports event outside of the Mountain West. So how can BFGoodrich increase awareness of this bonkers off-road event—and its key role in it?

Solution: Find the middle ground. The burgeoning overlanding movement is certainly a bit more gentile than desert racing, but both share a need for rough n' ready tires. So why not use an overlanding influencer, @somedayadventure, to bring one to the other?

Result: A fantastic live look into the Mint 400, broadcast out to an audience who never knew what BFGoodrich tires were capable of. Plenty of tires can take you off road, but after this display from Primm, Nevada, it was pretty obvious that only BFGoodrich could get you back home.

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