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Mercedes-Benz USA

All-New CLA Global Launch


Creative Direction, Writing

Challenge: Recruit some of Instagram's best photographers to build excitement before the all-new entry-level CLA hit dealers. Posts would go out live on the various MBUSA social accounts, giving the audience a sense of being along for the ride. Except this was before you could schedule posts, and these guys weren't writers. What to do?


Solution: Recruit me and my flying fingers of fabrication. The moment one of our photographers sent in material, I had to come up with another link in the narrative chain, pronto. And that was at all hours of the day and night, too.


Result: A pre-launch campaign called Take The Wheel that drove so much early interest in the CLA, some dealers actually complained about it. Nevertheless, interest held and once the CLA hit dealer lots, it drove MBUSA to number one in US luxury sales.

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