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Mercedes-Benz USA

Social Rebrand


Writing, Audience & Channel Management, Platform Ownership

Challenge: Mercedes-Benz USA wanted to make a clean break from the home office in Stuttgart. German advertising just didn't resonate here in Daimler's biggest market, and all the while the competition was getting stronger. So how would the American division stake out its own identity, without abandoning the Teutonic stolidity underpinning it?

Solution: Introduce some American swagger and irreverence to things, and leverage our fondness for self-actualization.

Result: MBUSA shed the stuffiness and the jargon, and instead reflected a very American sense of easy self-confidence. Whereas the competition continued to take themselves terribly seriously, we winked at the audience. That was especially true on social, where we used the brand's status as a, uh, status symbol to encourage people to keep on reaching and not give up on their dreams.

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