Gran Turismo Sport @ CES

Challenge: BMW was the launch brand for Gran Turismo Sport, the first installment in the GT series with fully-formed VR functionality. And it was debuting at BMW's Ultimate Driver Experience at CES, to boot. But how do we convince a gaming audience that this was born of a mutual enthusiasm between the brands, not just BMW ponying up some cash to get on the cover?


Solution: We hired an influencer, @JayzTwoCents. What made Jay perfect for this was that he's not only a gamer, he's a genuine gearhead, too. That meant he could introduce his audience to BMW and bring them into our fold, while highlighting what made BMW the perfect partner for Gran Turismo.

Result: A Twitter- and YouTube-driven campaign during CES in which our influencer introduced a new audience to BMW. Not only did Jay provide a first-hand account of what it was like to play GT Sport VR, he provided first-hand accounts of what it was like to drive a modern BMW, the speaker panel featuring BMW racing drivers and the legendary Gran Turismo developer Kazunori Yamauchi, and why BMW and GT Sport VR were meant for each other.

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