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GranTurismo Sport World Debut at CES

Creative Direction, Strategy, Influencer Management, Writing

Challenge: Convince a hard-core racing game audience that the BMW on the cover of the latest GranTurismo title wasn't just a placement, but a reflection of how ingrained into racing the brand has been—and still is.


Solution: We didn't need to convince BMW's existing audience of its bona fides; we needed to convince a gaming audience. Thus, enter gaming influencer and actual weekend racer, @JayzTwoCents. Because of the trust Jay's audience had in him to give his honest and unvarnished opinion, he had the kind of third-party credibility we needed.

Result: A Twitter- and YouTube-driven campaign during CES in which our influencer introduced a new audience to BMW. And that was the strategic breakthrough. If BMW hadn't worked with him, the brand would've just been preaching to its own choir. Instead, Jay brought his audience—and their trust—into the BMW fold.

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