David Bowie Is

Challenge: Take a somewhat disconnected sponsorship and media buy with the David Bowie Is exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, and turn it into a genuine partnership while highlighting the all-new X2.


Solution: Add something to David Bowie Is; namely that David Bowie is (or at least was) a long-time New Yorker. Part of this was a photoshoot for later use on Instagram, but we set it up in the middle of the day around places that meant a lot to Bowie, and promoted it through Twitter as a live, as-it-happened scavenger hunt for fans.


Result: In two days, our Manhattan- and Brooklyn-focused campaign resulted in over 130 UGC posts. And despite a last-minute legal issue that forced us to remove David Bowie Is branding from the vehicle, the audience figured it out and sentiment was 93% positive, with favorable comments about the styling of the X2.