X2 World Debut

Challenge: The world debut of the X2 coincided with (and was emblematic of) a difficult point in BMW’s history. The brand was reinventing itself, and traditionalists weren't crazy about it. So how would we turn this awkward period of self-examination into a positive?


Solution: We put the X2—a vehicle that doesn’t conform to the traditional image of a BMW—in the thick of a vibrant, creative Detroit, an image that doesn’t conform to the traditional view of that city.


Result: The strategic insight here was that every Detroit-based photoshoot wallows in doom and gloom, as if RoboCop was a documentary. Instead, we created a positive and vibrant Instagram-based campaign resulting in an engagement rate 42% above baseline, Munich HQ glomming onto the project once they realized what we were up to, and changed perceptions of the X2—not to mention Detroit.