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X2 World Debut


Creative Direction, Strategy, Vendor Management, Writing

Challenge: The world debut of the X2 at the Detroit auto show coincided with a difficult point in BMW’s history: reinvention. The traditionalists weren't happy, and the X2 was a particular focus of their ire. So how do we turn a sticky situation into something less so?

Solution: We put the X2—a vehicle that doesn’t jibe with the conventional image of a BMW—in the thick of a vibrant, creative Detroit, an image that doesn’t conform to the conventional view of the city.


Result: Just say no—to cliché Detroit photoshoots. To this day, the average Detroit photoshoot treats the city like RoboCop is a documentary. We refused to be part of that, and instead created a positive and vibrant campaign. Run on Instagram, the engagement rate was 42% above baseline and changed perceptions of the X2—not to mention Detroit.

The kicker: Once they realized how much better our campaign was, Munich HQ hijacked the project. Benefits of rank, one supposes.

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