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Father's Day

Team Lead

Challenge: Capitalize on the fact that BMW Day at Caffeine & Carburetors in New Canaan CT fell on Father's Day, but in a way that connected with our social audience.


Solution: We showed up at C&C with the i8 Roadster—which given its rollout schedule essentially made its North American debut there—and the M2 Competition, which didn't yet officially exist. That attracted a lot of vintage BMWs, as well as a lot of on-lookers who happened to also be dads with their kids.


Result: An Instagram Stories-based campaign that celebrated the bond between fathers and and their children, and how something like C&C—and BMW—helped to strengthen that bond. Fun fact about Waveny House, in front of which we had parked: it's the childhood home of actor Christopher Lloyd. So the Reverend Jim Ignatowski was always going to be ok.

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