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Brand Development & Launch
Creative Direction, Content Strategy, Writing

Challenge: It’s not easy being a gear head with a certain modicum of taste. Between me and my four partners, we’re just not interested in the comparison tests and 24-hour flash sales on jumper cables targeted at us as consumers. There’s gotta be something better out there.


Solution: Well, there isn’t, so we made one ourselves. We spent a year developing Barnato, putting together a compendium of items that appeal to us and enhance—or even provide—our experiences as motoring enthusiasts, Meanwhile, our editorial angle is designed to go beyond just tootling around in a car in favor of emphasizing experiences as opposed to numbers.


Result: Part FAO Schwarz, part vintage Esquire, Barnato brings you the finer things in what we call international motoring culture, plus monthly features for a more discerning audience. Price points vary as you’d imagine, but everything adds a little zhuzh that you just can’t get from gasket sealant or a crossover comparison test. See for yourself.

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