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Brand Development & Launch
Creative Direction, Content Strategy, Writing

Challenge: The automotive media landscape may be a mile wide, but it’s only an inch deep. Which is fine—that covers plenty of people. But as a result, the content it produces rarely strays from the subject of cars themselves, tends towards the overly-technical, and rarely considers other interests that naturally overlap. Meanwhile, e-commerce integrations are usually clumsy, and the products pushed are—while useful—a bit on the lower end of things. Is there a way to give greater depth and broader scope to automotive media, all while extending to a more premium e-comm integration?


Solution: Yes there is—but we had to build it ourselves. Along with my four partners, the five of us spent a year developing what we call Barnato. It’s a compendium of what appeals to us as motoring enthusiasts, enhancing our experiences behind the wheel and in the larger context of the world itself. As to e-comm integration, Barnato was built around it. Products fit naturally into the site design, highlighted in their own section rather than getting lost in a rolling newsfeed.


Result: Part Neiman Marcus catalog, part Vanity Fair. Barnato is about the finer things in the motoring life, plus an editorial perspective that includes everywhere that life can lead. It’s music, it’s food, it’s art—it’s embracing the beauty and variety of a world in a way that only movement can provide. Whereas other worlds end with the car, ours begins with it. See for yourself.

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