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The Professors Weigh In

Challenge:, a cloud-based workflow system for making, sharing, and securing creative assets, asked me to weigh in on the importance of varying content across social platforms. But that story's been written a million times. How could I put a different twist on it?


Solution: I decided to approach this question from an academic perspective. As marketers, we tend to base decisions on end-user data. And that's fine, but what if we knew a little bit more about behavioral habituation and psychological expectation among audiences going into things?


Result: A 1500-word essay in which I discussed—first of all—why we vary content across platforms with a media agency director, followed by a brief dive into psychology with a professor at UCLA and communication theory with another professor at the University of Texas. By bringing that much more knowledge to the fore, I'll hopefully stop anyone from trying to launch a 30-minute sitcom on Snapchat.

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