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Alexa Together

Total Rebrand


Creative Direction, Content Strategy, Writing, Casting, Directing, Editing

Challenge: When Alexa Care—a connected elder care service—first launched, it didn't quite take off as planned. Let down by muddled messaging, no defined target audience and a landing page that suffered from both, my suspicion is that it had been feedbacked to death. Nevertheless, Amazon was undeterred and wanted to take another stab at it.


Solution: First, we defined the audience: caregivers. That cleared up messaging right away. Second, we overhauled the site UX. No more trying to decipher which part was relevant to you. Third, we wrote, filmed, and edited a new explainer video. It incorporated existing footage, which meant I had to shuffle around the still-relevant parts until the script made sense. Finally, we renamed it from Alexa Care to Alexa Together.


Result: A headline item at Amazon Day, Jeff Bezos’ answer to Warren Buffett’s Woodstock for Capitalists. The product page now knew who it was talking to, what it was talking about, and why Alexa Together is relevant and valuable. And because my brain is mostly taken up by old TV shows, I couldn't help but sneak in a reference to Emergency!

But wait—there's more! To learn more about the rebranding and video production sides of this project, click the links below.

Alexa Together: Rebranding

Alexa Together: Video Production

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