Alexa Together
Creative Production

Problem: When Amazon first introduced its connected elder care service (then known as Alexa Care) a few years ago, it included a nice video of a son looking after his mother. But with the reinvention of the service (not to mention the renaming of it) we needed a new video that introduced new features, while not sacrificing the preexisting video since many of those features were still relevant. Somehow that task fell to me.


Solution: First, I addressed the new features of this reborn service in a standalone script. Second, I broke down the preexisting video into individual segments, and shuffled them in and out of my script until it all worked. Third, I produced a master script combining what was still relevant from Alexa Care with the more robust service that it had become, Alexa Together.


Result: A video that’s surprisingly seamless. You wouldn’t know that part of it was shot earlier in Seattle, while the other part was shot later on in Miami. And I have to say I like the VO—there’s an ever so slight rasp that reminds me of Kathleen Turner. And of course Ubaldo our main lead. As soon as we saw that mustache, we knew we had our guy. Also, craft services was fantastic—turns out mofongo isn’t a word that Keenan Thompson made up for his Big Papi impression, but is in fact very real and very delicious.


Now I have lunch on the brain…