Alexa Together

Challenge: Amazon's introduction of its first elder care service, Alexa Care, included a video of a son looking after his mom. But with its relaunch and renaming to Alexa Together, Amazon needed a new intro video. The catch: it had to highlight new features, while not sacrificing existing footage of still-relevant features. That task fell to me.

Solution: First, I addressed the new features in a standalone script. Second, I broke down the preexisting video into individual segments, shuffling them in and out of the script until it all worked. Third, I produced a master script combining one with the other.


Result: A video that’s surprisingly seamless. You wouldn’t know part was shot earlier in Seattle, while the rest was shot in Miami. And I have to say I like the VO—there’s an ever so slight rasp reminiscent of Kathleen Turner. Even better was that Alexa Together—and this intro video—made their debut at Seattle's Woodstock, Amazon Day.