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Alexa Together

Rebrand & Relaunch


Creative Direction, Content Strategy, 

Challenge: When Alexa Care—a connected elder care service—first launched, it didn't quite take off as planned. Let down by muddled messaging, no defined target audience and a landing page that suffered from both, my suspicion is that it had been feedbacked to death. Nevertheless, Amazon was undeterred and wanted to take another stab at it.

Solution: First of all, we defined who our audience was: caregivers. That did a lot to clear up messaging. Second, we overhauled the site UX. No more reading one side or the other and trying to decipher which part was relevant. Third, we rolled it out as a headline item at Amazon’s big product announcement event under a new name: Alexa Together.


Result: A page that knows who it’s talking to, what it’s talking about, and why it’s relevant and valuable. Here's the old page for comparison.

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