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Dudley Moore got me into this business. Someday I might even tell you how. But in the 15 years since—punctuated by two earning a master’s degree in communications—my job remains the same as it ever was: helping complex, high-end brands connect with the right audiences.


Speaking of, the brands I've done work for include Audi, J.P. Morgan, Amazon, Mercedes-Benz, UnitedHealth Group, Chase, The Masters Tournament, Walt Disney, Major League Soccer, Land Rover, the New Orleans Saints, Rivian, AWS, and even Ferrari among others.


Outside of work, you can find me in Central Park with my dog James, in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes, on Cape Cod doing a lot of nothing, or wondering what to do with my very detailed pitch for a reboot of The Rockford Files. I mean, come on—I’ve even figured out the answering machine gag.


In the meantime, go ahead and give me a ring.

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