For all the time I’ve spent in marketing and advertising, I can say this: I’ve changed a lot.

When I first started in this business, I was a copywriter and perfectly happy to write zippy little headlines. But it eventually dawned on me that to be an effective marketer, I had to know how all the parts intertwined. That led to more work in strategy and with media, which in turn led to more cross-functional leadership roles.

These days, I work directly for major clients, bringing my holistic approach to launching new products and services and building new brands. (Or even rebuilding existing brands.) It’s tremendously satisfying to see my work have an impact on an enterprise level, and that’s what I hope to keep doing.

Please feel free to check out my LinkedIn for more details on what I've been up to, my Spotify for what constantly plays in my head, and my email to get in touch.

Can't hurt, right?