It all started with The 2000 Year Old Man. Or maybe it was Decline and Fall. Star Trek II? Whatever it was, I grew up both a romantic (the C.S. Forester kind, not the Danielle Steel kind) and a wordsmith, and have since taken those sensibilities into advertising.


As to roles I've held, there've been a few, some creative and others creative-adjacent. But throughout it all, I remained a copywriter in my heart if not always on my business card. And that's ok, because each iteration made me a better creative.

Outside of whatever it is that I might be doing, you can find me tootling around Manhattan on my vintage road bike, riding the subway for the fun of it (I’m a card-carrying member of the New York Transit Museum), and looking forward to one day getting back on stage at Gotham Comedy Club. My most successful joke was about shark attacks and dermatology.


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