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Dudley Moore got me into this business. And like his character Emory Leeson, I help complex, high-end brands—up to and including the Fortune 500—develop marketing and advertising that resonates with target audiences and drives business. (Except with a lot less Paul Reiser in my life. Which is a shame.) While I'm ultimately responsible for creative output, what distinguishes my work is that it's on brief from the beginning and stays within legal compliance without sacrificing the core campaign concept. I take a lot of pride in connecting with high-end audiences and delivering results for my clients.

Clients include:
• Automotive, tech, CPG, entertainment, healthcare, startups, publishing, insurance, financial services, and professional sports.

Work includes:
• Content marketing, brand identity development, creative direction, copywriting, data analysis, brand storytelling, digital activations, social media, print, eCRM, direct response, radio/audio, video, web, and verbal branding.

Results include:
• 93% positive sentiment, 32% higher engagement, 25% increase in leads, and number 1 in sales.

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