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Dudley Moore got me into this business. Despite that inauspicious start, I’m now a senior/director-level content marketer and brand director specializing in helping complex, high-end brands—up to and including the top 10 of the Fortune 500—connect with their target audiences.

With extensive experience in brand identity, communication, copywriting, creative direction, data analysis, industry knowledge and storytelling, I’ve worked with global market leaders across a variety of industries including automotive, tech, CPG, entertainment, healthcare, startups, financial services, and even professional sports.

My work has spanned just about every media type, from digital activations and social media to print, eCRM, direct response, radio/audio, video, web, and verbal branding. And throughout it all, I’ve remained keenly aware of regulatory and liability exposure, ensuring that all work is both creative and compliant.

Shoot me a line and we'll chat about how I can help you add a little zhuzh to your brand marketing.

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